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14 Dec 2020

A guide to placing a rug in your home


When it comes to rug placement in the bedroom, it’s all about comfort underfoot. Ideally, you want a square or rectangular rug that goes right under the bed, and generously extends either side.

Look for a rug that extends at least 50cm beyond the sides of your bed (depending on the size of the room).

As seen in The Design Files.


If you have hard floors, a rug is pretty much a compulsory inclusion in the living room! Nothing ties a room together quite like a rug, and it gives you that extra layer of comfort, as well as acoustic value that makes the living room inviting and user-friendly.

Go right under the couch, extending at least 20cm behind the couch, and on the sides. If you have the space – this looks amazing! 

As seen in The Design Files.


If your couch is positioned hard up against a wall, choose a rug that either nestles right up to it, or starts no less than 20cm in front of the couch. Any further away, and your rug is likely to get kicked up constantly, and it will also make your living room feel smaller.

A rug really delineates the usable space in a living room, so the smaller space a rug occupies, the smaller the room will feel. 

As seen in The Design Files.

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