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The South Pacific's premier superyacht regatta

Project / New Zealand Millennium Cup 2016

Designers / Donna Maree

Organised by the NZ Marine Export Group and a dedicated committee of some of New Zealand's most pre-eminent superyacht industry figures, the NZ Millennium Cup is a celebration of good racing, great cruising grounds and exceptional hospitality.

Drawing attention to New Zealand’s beautiful cruising grounds, skilled workforce and innovative industry, the event showcases the best of our superyacht sector in a relaxed, recognisably Kiwi style.


Donna Maree, yacht interior designer, styled and designed the Skippers’ daily briefing venue to showcase a premier range of suppliers and product with a pure and clean New Zealand aesthetic.

The venue location is the veranda of the Opua Cruising Club with the daily briefing attended by the captains, key crew members and often the participating owners of each yacht.

In keeping with the elegant simplicity of the event, the staging of the venue created an atmosphere that is relaxing, calming and harmonious.

Our sumptuous 100% NZ felted wool loop pile carpet 'Tussore' in colour 'Pitch' was the perfect selection to showcase to the superyacht regatta sector. It reflected the New Zealand aesthetic in terms of the basalt blacks and silvery greys in colour variation reminiscent of our volcanic landscape, and the textural pebble like qualities evoked that of our coastal and inland river beds.

The layout was designed using ergonomic principals from architectural standards, with maximum clearances, walkways, and circulation zones carefully considered and seating spacing utilized.

The first key element was the Tussore entranceway runner. This clearly marked the entrance to the event and drew the attendees into the briefing venue, creating the all-important first impression whilst providing an optimum clearway and circulation zone.

Further smaller Tussore accent rugs were used to define the three types of seating and comfort zones, providing seating for a total of 40x people plus. Additional black side tables also doubled as stools, as did all of the ottomans and poufs that were arranged on these accent rugs.

A clear ‘speaking zone’ was then defined by two large Tussore feature rugs – the first was placed to draw the eye of each regatta member to the main sponsor screen where the briefing took place. An additional rug of the same size extended the ‘clear speaking zone’ to the food & beverage zone. This ensured an unimpeded view to the speaker giving the racing briefing, whilst providing clear access to the bathroom facilities through side entrance door.

Donna Maree stated that the "Tussore carpet rugs were instrumental in bringing all of the key elements together to provide an overall cohesive style and design. They were pivotal to the circulation within the venue, linking each zone together, grounding the elements of the venue and clearly providing a visual delineation and boundary to screen off the unappealing existing exterior and furniture."

Lush New Zealand native fern foliage softened the hard exterior surfaces of the venue and provided additional privacy and screening.

"I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank Cavalier Bremworth for their generous support of our mission and goals and look forward to many more collaborations between your organisation and Donna Maree Yacht Interior Design."

Donna Maree also had several high profile companies assisting her with product for this event such as Antipodes Sparkling Water, Nespresso, Marine Evolutions, SCE Stone & Design, Nellie Tier and ByDezign Furniture.

If you would like to find out more about Donna Maree and her beautiful yacht interiors, please visit or email her at .

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