With so many colours, piles, and styles available, choosing a carpet for your home may seem like a daunting task. At Bremworth, we are experts in all things carpet, and we have a few tips that can help you narrow down your choices. Let us help you pick a stylish carpet that you will love for years to come.


Did you know that carpet can appear up to 20% lighter when laid on the floor? It’s vital to take samples home to see your potential carpet in daylight and artificial light. 

Colour is responsible for creating the mood of a room, and flooring is the second largest area after your walls. If you are renovating or building new, start from the floor up, choosing a carpet colour first. This will give you a base palette to work from in terms of choosing a colour for everything else in your home, from walls to tiles or hard flooring to furniture. If you’re only re-carpeting, you’ll want your carpet to work back with the wall colour/curtains or some key pieces of furniture in the room.

Keep in mind that darker colours absorb light and can make a room appear smaller - ideal if you want to make a large room seem cosier. Lighter colours reflect the light and create a sense of spaciousness. Think about your lifestyle when choosing a carpet colour too. A lighter carpet may show kids’ muddy footprints, and a dark carpet may show dust or crumbs.


Carpets come in either loop pile or cut pile. Both styles offer different advantages and work well in certain household situations.


Cut pile carpets generally feel soft underfoot and range from a resilient hard twist such as our Charmeuse carpet (which has the equivalent of a perm to hold the twist in) to a softer plush pile like our Velluto carpet (where the fibres stand up straight). A cut pile carpet generally has a more luxurious feel than other styles. Cut pile carpets show footprints more readily, which you can vacuum out.

All cut pile carpets will develop lighter or darker patches over time. Known as "shading", it is caused by the permanent bending of the carpet pile fibres, which then reflect the light differently. In this respect, cut pile carpets are comparable to other natural textiles such as suede and velvet, which also show light and dark areas and are appreciated for this very quality. The extent to which shading occurs is often related to the location of the carpet. Shading will not affect the durability of your carpet.


Loop pile carpets offer stylish textures and designs, ranging from a minimalist appearance to bold, unique patterns. Depending which style you choose, loop pile carpets can offer a classic or casual look. Some have a formal, linear look, such as our Overtones carpet, others are very textured and chunky, and some have random loops like our Galet carpet, giving a more casual feel.

Loop pile carpets are easy-care, do not show footprints, and are particularly suited to busy homes or people with young children. If you have pets (especially cats that like to stretch and claw the carpet), avoid buying a loop pile carpet. Cats may pull the loops and cause inherent damage.

Textured loop pile carpets have variation in the height of the loops, providing added interest and texture on the floor. They’re the perfect option for busy households as most have excellent soil hiding properties.


While you may be dreaming of a pristine light-coloured carpet, you need to think about what's practical. If you have a young family or pets, look for a durable carpet in a forgiving colour like a textured loop pile or a quality hard twist cut pile in a subtle blend of colours. If you’re looking for a touch of luxury, you might go for a plush pile in a flat colour. If you are an entertainer, a combination cut and loop pile in mid to dark tones or a stippled cut pile could suit. In high traffic areas such as hallways, a loop pile or hard twist cut pile is best. Studies have shown that a quality carpet can help absorb ambient noise within a home and scraping noises from the furniture; great if you have little ones running around!


With a large range of wool carpet styles and rugs available in custom shapes and sizes, we’ve got the perfect solution to naturally soften and elevate your home interior. Our choice of fibre is New Zealand wool. Our 60+ years of experience has taught us that wool is not only 100% natural, biodegradable, and renewable, but is also a brilliant fibre for design innovation and overall performance on the floor. Helping you choose the perfect carpet for your family and lifestyle is our priority, so get in touch with us today!