With the growing popularity of textured loop piles, we introduce another new addition to Bremworth’s Lifestyle Collection of carpets - Wainamu.
Inspired by the beautiful tones of the dunes surrounding Lake Wainamu and the Te Henga region in West Auckland’s Waitakere Ranges. This meticulously crafted berber loop pile expertly combines stunning design with premium performance. Wainamu features 6 versatile neutral shades that embodies the natural beauty of this NZ landscape.
Wainamu is made with 100% NZ wool. Wool is nature’s miracle fibre that offers a host of naturally occurring benefits for the home including stain, odour and fire resistance. It is even 100% renewable meaning it is able to regrow and replace year after year.

Enjoy the luxurious softness of wool underfoot without compromising on durability. Relax knowing Wainamu earns maximum points for carpet towards Green and HomeStar ratings, thanks to its ECS Level 4 certification — the highest environmental grading from the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS). Wainamu also receives a Residential Extra Heavy Duty + Stairs 6 Star rating, the highest performance grading from the ACCS meaning it’s made to last.