A Sheer Love for Wool

We had the pleasure of catching with the incredible Logan Williams. 

His passion for inventing and pioneering innovative wool products is contagious.

Having begun his wool journey with ethical wool supplier New Zealand Merino, he has gone on to co-start the company Shear Edge whose aim is to use the power of natural materials to revolutionise industries relying on synthetics. Like Bremworth, Shear Edge uses wool fibre to innovate and make a change. They have produced over 80 different products using the power of wool including the world’s first woollen kayak, in collaboration with Torpedo 7.

The Wonders of Wool

Logan is really drawn to wool as a fibre of choice to innovate with, due to it being made of naturally strong keratin protein as well as having a myriad of other inherent properties.

Using New Zealand sourced wool to create an alternative to fibre glass is an example of the kind of opportunities Logan explores. Being able to develop alternative products that utilise a natural fibre connected to the beautiful land of Aotearoa is hugely important to Logan. 

"Let's aim to fill our houses with natural, beautiful products in the form of wool"

Furniture provided by Tim Webber Design.

A strong future ahead

Logan is on an ongoing mission to find ways to use wool to broaden market opportunities. The impressive number of products that Shear Edge has created really showcases the potential that the wonderful fibre offers.

Regarding the future, Logan believes that every person globally can benefit the world through conscious consumption. He believes that together, we can create a beautiful future for not only ourselves but for the next generation. 

Our ripples rug in Benmore with fabric edging.