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    With a history spanning 60+ years, Bremworth is an all-natural fibre company making New Zealand's finest quality carpets and rugs. We offer a wide range of luxurious NZ-made wool carpets and rugs in many gorgeous styles. Learn more about our journey to natural here.


    We believe that by embracing nature we can make a genuine difference to the wellbeing of people and the planet, without compromising the design and performance attributes our customers care about. For the last 60+ years, we’ve been on a journey of exploration and have built up significant knowledge about the potential and performance of many different fibres from diverse sources for use in flooring. Wool carpet was and remains the optimum offering for customers. Not only is it the best fibre for design, innovation and performance on the floor, it’s also 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable. In addition it is what we do best! Read more about our move to natural here.


    Our operations proudly span New Zealand's North Island. We buy wool from New Zealand farmers, turn it into quality yarn at our Napier and Whanganui sites, and finally tuft the yarn into carpet and customisable rugs in Papatoetoe, south Auckland.


    Carpets: You can purchase Bremworth carpets from any retailer found on the Store Finder page. Take a look at the key below the map – it tells you what collection each store stocks.

    Rugs: Our rugs are available to purchase online on our website and are delivered for free nationwide.

  • How do I order a sample?

    We offer 3 free samples delivered anywhere in Australia. Head to the Products page, click on your preferred carpet, choose your colour and hit the free sample button. More information about ordering samples can be found here.


    The most trusted way to check that you're buying a good quality carpet is to see if it has an independent performance grading from ACCS – the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme. Carpet manufacturers have no influence over what grading their carpets receive once they have been sent off for testing – providing consumers with a truly trustworthy source of information. If quality and longevity are important to you, look for a ‘Residential Extra Heavy Duty Plus Stairs, 6 Stars’ rated carpet.


    Carpet must be purchased through one of our retailers. They will help you select your underlay and they will organise one of their carpet layers to complete the job.


    A broadloom metre is the standard width of a carpet roll – 3.66 metres. To work out the square metre price from a broadloom metre price, just divide the broadloom metre price by 3.66. Alternatively, ask your retailer to quote the job in square metres.


    Wool carpets and rugs have stood the test of time and they have many amazing natural properties that synthetic carpets/rugs cannot match. Wool helps regulate humidity within your home (absorbing moisture when the air is wet and releasing it when the air is dry) essentially meaning it can breathe. Wool is also naturally hypoallergenic (absorbing and filtering VOCs) which is a great benefit for asthma sufferers. Wool is the safest carpet fibre as it's very difficult to ignite, it burns slowly and it's easy to extinguish. Wool is a 100% sustainable fibre and is easy to clean because wool has a very thin, waxy coating chemically bonded to the surface – meaning anything water based (most common food and drink spills) will bead and roll off before they're absorbed into the carpet. As long as you get to a stain immediately, you should be able to get it out. Take a look at our handy Care guide for more information.  

  • How do I customise a Bremworth rug?
    Go to our Rug Collection page and customise your rug in four easy steps:
    1. Select your style 
    2. Select your colour 
    3. Select your size - maximum width is 3.66m and maximum length is 6m.
    4. Select your edge finish - fabric, felt, concealed or overlocked.

    Once you make your selections, our virtual rug tool will give you an idea of the size and shape of your rug and also display the price. To purchase your rug, click Buy Now and it will be added to your cart. Complete checkout by entering delivery and payment details, and your rug will be delivered direct to your door.

  • How accurate is the rug generated on the Virtual Rug tool?

    Our virtual rug tool generates a rug that is designed to give you an idea of the size/shape of your rug. The illustration is indicative only. Due to individual settings on computer screens, monitors and printers, colours will always vary. The size of the image is also an indication only. Bremworth recommends ordering a sample before purchasing to ensure you are happy with the colour and design before purchasing.

  • Do you offer different shape rugs?

    Bremworth offer square, rectangle or round rugs. Our customisable rugs allow you to customise the size to find the perfect rug for your home.

  • How do I care for my rug?

    Please download our Rugs Care & Maintenance Guide or check out our Care Guide page for more information on maintenance and stains.

  • Will I need an anti-slip mat for my rug?

    All customisable Bremworth rugs come with an anti-slip mat to protect your hard flooring and ensure that your rug will not move around.

    Handcrafted rugs feature a premium cotton backing which negates the need for an anti-slip mat.

  • How much does shipping cost for a rug?

    Shipping is free Australia wide.

  • Do you ship rugs internationally?

    Shipping is Australia wide only at this stage. If you are in New Zealand, please visit the New Zealand website
    Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss international shipping.

  • How long will it take for my custom size rug to arrive?

    As custom size rugs are designed to your requirements it takes time to create your unique rug. Please allow up to 15-20 business days for the rug to be dispatched from New Zealand. Transit to Australia can take up to 10 business days. Once orders arrive in Australia, delivery can take 3-7 business days. We will send you a confirmation email once the rug has been shipped including tracking details. We cannot control delays by freight companies.

  • How long will it take for my handcrafted rug to arrive?
    We aim to dispatch handcrafted rug orders from New Zealand 3-5 business days from purchase. Transit to Australia can take up to 10 business days. Once orders arrive in Australia, delivery can take 3-7 business days. We cannot control delays by freight companies.

    Please note, due to port congestion we are experiencing vessel delays on selected shipments and cannot guarantee an estimated delivery date. Unfortunately this is outside of our control and we thank you for your understanding.

  • Can I put my rug on carpet?

    Bremworth recommends placing the rugs on hard flooring. When a rug is placed on carpet it appears to wrinkle. This is because carpet does not provide much support for the rug. When heavy items such as dining tables are placed on top of the rug this will show more.

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